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Lemicka K. Williams

I am a seventeen year old grandiosely ambitious young lady, with a strong sense of purpose and high Lemicka K. Williamsmorals and standards.  I have an immense love for writing, with a focus on poetry and spoken word. My first love, however, are people. I love to help people emotionally, and I strive to have the knowledge and means to help them physically. My love for ensuring the well-being of other human beings, paired with one special Grey’s Anatomy episode, gave birth to my desire to be apart of the growing medical field, as Neurosurgeon, to say the least.

Recently, I graduated apart of the honor’s society amongst the first graduating class to receive the National High School Diploma in the Bahamas. It was about two hundred honor’s society members within the over nine hundred overall graduates. I graduated CV Bethel Sr High School having been studying in the Academic Science Magnet Program, as a student leader, prefect, and with a cumulative grade point average of 3.22. I successfully completed three years of the Junior Achievement Bahamas program, where I held numerous positions, including VP of Marketing and VP of Public Relations. I also established my very own Abstinence and Self Enhancement and Development club called Courageously Predestined for Greatness (CPG), graduated from the Nursing Cadets Program, participated and won numerous essay and speech competitions, and participated in many clubs and community service activities. The last words of this chapter in my life, were undoubtedly, “Lord, I thank you.”

I see myself thriving along the path to success at any University that I attend, however, Acadia University located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada has stolen my heart. I am planning to attend Acadia this fall, God’s willing. I have been accepted to join the Biology program with an expectant 2021 graduation date. I will be majoring in Biology with a double minor in Psychology and Philosophy; my overall goal is to become a world-renowned Neurosurgeon with strong Psychology and Philosophical ties.

I strive to become the best version of myself possible. This version is named Dr. Lemicka K Williams, one of the Bahamas’ most World-Renowned Neurosurgeons. She is culturally advanced, socially mature, and she will undoubtedly teach many persons how to foster a great sense of self-worth and purpose.

I would wholeheartedly appreciate ANY assistance AT ALL with helping to achieve my goal.

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