Burn Baby Burn

North Eleuthera Fire Station
North Eleuthera Fire Station

The residents of North Eleuthera are vulnerable to devastation by fire since the one Fire Engine that services the North Eleuthera area is not functional. BN was told that the last fire in North Eleuthera had to be dealt with by the Fire Engine and Crew from Palmeto Point. Why? Because the almost brand new Fire Engine located across the street from the gas station in North Eleuthera can not move! Maybe for the next fire all the men in the community can line up and piss on it. Maybe that will work!

Let’s not forget the lady who lost her life to fire earlier this year in Current as her home was engulfed Current Fire Truckin flame while just about 300 feet away lay the Current fire truck in ruins. Are we a nation that doesn’t know maintenance? What have we come to?

Easy Come Easy Go

North Eleuthera Fire Station
North Eleuthera Fire Station

How is it that a brand new Fire Engine sits unmovable partially out of the garage? What could have gone wrong with this new machine that was purchased by the winter residents of Harbour Island. A new fire Truck costs over a million US dollars before bringing it to the Bahamas. How could the Local Government of North Eleuthera be so carless with such an expensive gift? I wonder if the winter residents will be so generous in the future?

To give further perspective to the wastefulness of the people of North Eleuthera BN has documented and photographed 4 other Fire Engines abandoned in the bush. Is this the fate of the new Fire Engine hanging out of the garage at North Eleuthera? And we wonder why people refer to the Bahamas as a third world nation!

The Plan

North Eleuthera Fire Truck PlanSo Now what plan does the North Eleuthera community have for a fire truck?

Step one, drag the fire engine in the bush somewhere since it isn’t running.

Step two, they intend to use this tank which is now sitting at the rear of the station. They plan to get a flat-bed-truck and mount the tank to the truck for use as a fire truck. Good plan???

So they have a tank, no truck to put it on, and a fire engine needing repairs that is stuck half way out of the fire station.



A Place For Fire Engines to Die

Fire Engine in the Bush
North Eleuthera Airport
Gregory Town Fire Engine
Gregory Town Fire Engine

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