Cabbage Beach Workers Jilted

Hey BN,

Once again the workers on cabbage beach are asked not to work. While some folks are straight with relevant documents the beach is said to be on a ‘lock down’ and everything is said to be on hold.

Efforts were made to get some sort of assistance from ministers and the government officials prove to be fruitless after a five day stance.

The matter of the beach was never officially settled, to our knowledge. One day they just abruptly told us to leave asking us to provide documents. After these documents were provided we were informed that there was a hold.

This is the end of the month while these people are employed we also have obligations. There are crime issues but there should be a more humane way to handle Bahamians in our Bahamas.

How is it some persons are able to work, and there is a hold on others. But they say its the people time.

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