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Good day Bahamas News,

I’ve noticed and article in the New paper and I just wanted to address it. As we know alot of bahamian people don’t make the kind of money needed to purchase cars Cheap Japanese Carsfrom from the local auto dealers and they wanna complain about Japanese imports are driving the industry down. Let’s be real it’s hard to save money in this economy let along not go to the bank for a loan putting yourself in unnecessary debt. I can purchase a car for about 3000 dollars in total from Japan, plus freight and customs. the dealers over here will charge 2 maybe 3 thousand dollars extra which I don’t see the sense in anyone taking the time out to purchasing a vehicle from Them Unless they have the money to do so or if they’re impatient. They say that the Japanese imports are driving the auto dealer industry down but all the auto dealer industry’s are doing is helping drive the economy down.

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