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Hey BN,

Please ask the government what is going on everyday the lights are cut off in Carmichael Road Area businesses have to shut down the lights was off for 8 hours yesterday this is unacceptable people are paying their bills and can’t get relief I am sick and tired they need to do better or change BPL.

Bahamians are not standing for this foolishness no more!

From Great Inagua

Good Morning am resident off great Inagua and BLP have this whole island held hostage from Tuesday the power was off BPL have 3 generator and cant keep Inagua runing At about 8.37am Wednesday Morning power went off again yesterday BPL send one man here to correct the problem SMT its Thursday still no power how are we going to re pay us for our Meats and other perishable stuff but when BLP comes to cut power off they send 5 person(s) an end off the month BPL looking for payment.

And Again from Inagua

Morning Bahamas news please post this cause it’s very embarrassing I’m a native from great inagua and for the past week now BPL has been having power outage due to their ridiculous generators that’s been giving problems for years…. The staff of BPL that work here work extremely hard too satisfy the people and to make things work… And what’s makes it worst they just been here last week Monday to Friday to do a mass disconnection and without a notice and came back Monday again and can’t keep the power on… I’m not one of them who owe them but I feel it for how we are being taken advantage of… Something need to be done!!!! Thank you.!!!! P. S INAGUA COMMU ITY.

We have been without power for two days!!!!

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