Passport Office Slowness

Hey BN,

I want put the Passport Office on full blast. What the hell is going on in that place? I went there this morning to renew my passport. I got there at 9am and finally got done after 2pm. The people there on go slow and don’t have a care in the world for people time.

Bright and early this morning there were only 2 persons working the window and 4 windows empty. Then there was this one woman at window 3 who hardly served anyone and was always on here cell phone. When someone finally went to her window she walked away and continued her conversation. There were 2 ladies working the floor who were trying their best to assist the customers in getting out quickly.

I asked to speak to a supervisor because I was pissed at the poor customer service. When the lady took me to the supervisor she seemed to not care what I had to say. No wonder the staff is lackadaisical when the supervisor don’t care.

These people doing like they doing us a friggin favor by doing our passports. We are paying them for a service and getting treated so shabby.

I did compliment the lady who was at the front desk because she was keeping everyone calm and trying her best to make us laugh, even despite the poor customer service her colleagues were giving us.

It is the peoples time so something must be done with those people. I got the feeling like they are a bunch of disgruntled PLPs who just trying to frustrate the whole process. They need to clean house with all of them and put people who really want to work there. We paying their salaries and they want to act the fool.

And the woman have the nerve to tell me it’s summertime so I should anticipate a long wait. No man, it’s summertime so the Passport Office should have anticipated the crowd and hired more staff to accommodate the volume. I mean what the hell is going on?

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