Shooting on Beach Leaves 3 Dead, and Two Wounded

Mexican Gunman

International tourists were asking in the sun when a gunman walked onto the beach opening up his Mexican Gunmanautomatic weapon killing 3 and wounding two others.

No not in the Bahamas, so what does a shooting on a popular beach have to do with us if it didn’t happen here.

The US government has a travel advisory in place for Americans traveling to the Bahamas due to “violent crime.” My question is why do they not have a travel advisory in place for those traveling to the much more dangerous Mexico?

The Money

It always comes down to the money. Mexico and the US are in a trade agreement called NAFTA. Because of NAFTA the US government will look the other way when things like this happen.

Why does our government not make more noise to the US concerning the travel advisory? Makes me wonder if there is some financial reason there too.

Read about the Shootout in Mexico here.

Then ask yourself what the news would look like if this happened in Nassau.

Do a few google searches to see what kind of violence is going on in Mexico… I dare you.

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